Avenue is a store that I have been shopping at FOREVER.  They were the store that I bought my first pair of skinny jeans from in 2004.  They are my go-to place when I need clothes and may not have the time to actual “shop”.  Avenue is the place that I send people too whenever I hear them grip at stores about not finding wide calf boots .  And don’t forgot they were the place that I found my favorite jeans from (remember this post).


This time it is their Butter Denim® that has me all hot and bothered.   This jeans/pants are F***in’ FASNTASTIC.   They are the bees knees of skinny jeans.  They are the epitome of what a skinny jean should be.  Seriously, the fit is spot on.  I would recommend if you are between sizes to size down.  While they hold their overall shape well (even after several wears), they do have quite a bit of stretch in them.


The only cons I have for the Butter Denim® are:  I wish they had front pockets, I wish they came in actual “jean” material, and I wish the ankle was 1 inch skinnier (don’t get me wrong they are skinnier then most other pairs of “skinny” jeans I have worn).

Avenue did also send me the top and boots I am wearing.  I didn’t tell them my “style” or pick out the pieces they sent to me.  All I did was tell them my sizes and a box of goodies showed up.  Kudos to them for taking the time to get to know my style and nailing it on the head.  All the pieces I received were perfect for this mom who is constantly on the go.   The new revival of Avenue under their  new ownership has proven that are a player in the plus size world and I am glad they are finally waves in the pool are really marketing themselves.


Outfit:  Top, Butter Denim® Jeans, and Boots c/o Avenue  | Bag: Elie Tahari (thrift)

** Despite having someone else be my photographer the first time (husband) and even doing a reshoot.  Most of my files somehow got corrupted and are unusable.

Disclosure: Avenue provided these items, however, the opinions and review of these products are my own.  My gush fest and love for them is something that I had before I received the items and will continue way after.



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  1. You make those pants sound like a dream! But with a name like “Butter Denim”, they better be good. haha That top is very cute and very you! I like the whole faux necklace thing. It’s fun when clothes come with their own “accessories”.