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Hi Everybody! I did it finally… for awhile I have been talking about starting a new blog that is more of a representation of my entire life now and not just fashion (although there will be a ton of that)….. so please hop on over and check it out

Sabrina Anne

Life || What’s Been Going On?

It feels odd to be sitting here typing out a blog post since I haven’t done it in so long.  Life has taken priority over everything.  However, I made it part of my new years goals to get back to blogging.  Whether that means continue to post here or possibly starting over completely on a new blog, I don’t know.  But I promise to keep you informed (those that still pay attention and follow).

So, what’s been going on?  Well I will tell you……..


photo3My little baby is such a big boy now 🙁   Seriously I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital having him.  Now he is a little almost 20 month old little man.  He is fiercely independent.  Would rather play with his cars or other toys, read his books, or watch his videos on my iPad than hang out with us.  He has been in and out of the teeth cutting phase for a new few months now (how is it we don’t remember this phase as adults when the pain is so great apparently).  He is learning new words everyday.  Her talks all the time in gibberish and garble, but every once in awhile we will get either a word or sometimes even a full statement…. “Kkkk.KAR”  “I Did It” “NOOOOOOO”.  Despite that last word that he says to my face all the time, I still love him more than anything, I can’t believe that I will be planning his 2nd birthday party soon.


il_340x270.524242630_fiaaSome of you may remember that in 2009 that Brandon and I bought a house.  Well that house is gone.  We sold it.  It wasn’t entire our choice to sell it.  But due to this crappy economy, taxes that kept on getting higher and higher, a bank that was not willing to work with us and much more we had to short sale it.  That process took 8 months, but by the end of the year we finally had it all done and didn’t have to worry about bringing that drama with us into 2014.

We rented a house out in the country.  And when I say country I mean COUNTRY…. i.e. a farm.  No joke, we have cows on our property.  We aren’t responsible for those cows, but they (and their smell) are there.  While the house has been like a house of horrors for me (Gnats, Bees, and Mice, oh my), it has been nice sometimes to be away from everything.  And in the summer and fall it was great to be able to take Tyler outside to enjoy the animals and the outdoors.

Our lease on the farm house is over in 2 months and we won’t be renewing (see my reasons above).  We are looking at either a place back toward the city or possible closer to other family in Wisconsin.


imagesBetween working, being a mom, and all the other stress in my life, I have put on a “few” lbs.  More lbs that I would like.  As part of our new years goals, Brandon and I decided to change the way we eat, especially during the week.  We are keeping things simple and the first week was not easy, but now we have gotten the hang of it and its getting easier.  I have lose 8 lbs total since I started this “diet” 3 weeks ago. I hate using the term diet, I am thinking more of a healthier eating and life style.  Stay tuned for my journey on this and look out for posts on what I am doing to make this change.


imagesheartI am not going to lie and say things have been perfect.  In fact its quite the opposite.  Since Tyler was born, things have been rough.  We have both been struggling with how to be parents to our son, how to still be husband and wife to each other, but also how to still maintain some of our independent selves.  Its a balancing act that some people know how to do, and some don’t.  But recently we actual got down to the core issues we have been struggling with and are working on them.

Personal Style

SweatpantsI still love it, but my own personal style has fallen to the wayside.  I have become one of those woman, who just through on something quick and easy to run errands in.  Sometimes I will take a second to think and accessorize, but my wardrobe has mainly consisted of leggings, oversize sweaters, scarves, jeans and the occasionally sighting of sweatpants.  Argghhh I know, like I said I become one of those moms.  But believe me when I say this is changing.  I am trying to break this habit.  I am going to take some advice from Jeniese and play dress up in my closet and re introduce myself to my clothes.

Personal Style || Avenue of Life


Avenue is a store that I have been shopping at FOREVER.  They were the store that I bought my first pair of skinny jeans from in 2004.  They are my go-to place when I need clothes and may not have the time to actual “shop”.  Avenue is the place that I send people too whenever I hear them grip at stores about not finding wide calf boots .  And don’t forgot they were the place that I found my favorite jeans from (remember this post).


This time it is their Butter Denim® that has me all hot and bothered.   This jeans/pants are F***in’ FASNTASTIC.   They are the bees knees of skinny jeans.  They are the epitome of what a skinny jean should be.  Seriously, the fit is spot on.  I would recommend if you are between sizes to size down.  While they hold their overall shape well (even after several wears), they do have quite a bit of stretch in them.


The only cons I have for the Butter Denim® are:  I wish they had front pockets, I wish they came in actual “jean” material, and I wish the ankle was 1 inch skinnier (don’t get me wrong they are skinnier then most other pairs of “skinny” jeans I have worn).

Avenue did also send me the top and boots I am wearing.  I didn’t tell them my “style” or pick out the pieces they sent to me.  All I did was tell them my sizes and a box of goodies showed up.  Kudos to them for taking the time to get to know my style and nailing it on the head.  All the pieces I received were perfect for this mom who is constantly on the go.   The new revival of Avenue under their  new ownership has proven that are a player in the plus size world and I am glad they are finally waves in the pool are really marketing themselves.


Outfit:  Top, Butter Denim® Jeans, and Boots c/o Avenue  | Bag: Elie Tahari (thrift)

** Despite having someone else be my photographer the first time (husband) and even doing a reshoot.  Most of my files somehow got corrupted and are unusable.

Disclosure: Avenue provided these items, however, the opinions and review of these products are my own.  My gush fest and love for them is something that I had before I received the items and will continue way after.



Save vs. Splurge || Army Jacket with Leather Sleeves (Plus Edition)


Splurge Jacket: JET by John Eshaya Plus Army Jacket with Leather Sleeves (orig. $335) on sale $234.50 ||  Save Jacket: Walmart Plus-Size Cargo Utility Jacket With Faux Leather Sleeves

There isn’t much I can say about this week’s feature.  We have been seeing this jacket everywhere on the streets and on the web.  It was a hit last season and I forsee it being a hit for a few more (especially while leather is “on trend).

I couldn’t believe it when I spotted the save jacket on Walmart’s website.  I was stunned and even more that they had it available in Plus Sizes.   Because lets be real here, when you think trendy plus size clothes Walmart doesn’t automatically jump to your mind.  In fact despite the great strides they have made recently in uping their fashion game, most people don’t see them as their go-to budget mecca (well some people do).

The pieces aren’t identical, but they are close.  And based on the reviews, you are getting more than a great bargain for your $27.88, you are getting a quality piece too.

** Side Note:  of all the reviews on this Walmart jacket, the negative (lower) ones where only that it ran big.

Shopping || Basics at Old Navy Under $10.00


Old Navy is my mecca for layering basics.  Now that the Fall season has kicked into gear it is time to layer up.   ON is currently having a HUGE sale on all their basic pieces (sale ends today).  Hop on over to their site to score some of these basics under $10.

1 .  Floral-Print Chiffon Dresses– The dark floral color is perfect for fall and layering over tights and boots.  $10.00

2. Vintage Raglan-Crew Tees–  Perfect tee to lay around the house in, run a quick errand or to layer under a vest. $6.00

3. 3/4-Sleeve Boat-Neck Tops– I already own this top in various stripes, but I think this deep plum color would be perfect to layer with for Fall. $5.00-$9.99 (depending on color)

4. Terry-Fleece Raglan Tops– you never know when you will need your shirt to speak for you.  $8.00 (different colors/sayings)

5.  Sequined-Dolman Sweaters– layer under a leather jacket for a night out on the town.  Gives you the glamed up edge to a leather jacket. $9.97

6. Perfect Tees– The name of the tee says it all.   Get in EVERY color. $8.25

7.  Waffle-Knit Tees- yummmm Waffles… oh wait.  This long sleeve tee is just a fall/winter MUST have.  imagine sitting around a fire in this tee and cozy pants.  $10.00

8. Drop-Shoulder Jersey Tops– show some skin in the right amount to make it sexy and stylish.  $5.97

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.  All opinions and likes of Old Navy products are my own.